Bespoke IVR development

In the modern age, where everything is the same price and everyone offers the same service, it is the small things that can really sell your business to customers – especially first impressions. With keypad department options, your business is given a sense of scale that shows a level of professionalism and efficiency. You will be very familiar with the “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for…” recorded message given in the first instance. When the caller has chosen their department, the system will divert the call to the appropriate person.


Department options improve efficiency for staff, bring down costs and increase customer satisfaction. By being able to automatically choose their department, your staff do not have to manually answer and then transfer the call and your customer will have a much smaller waiting time to have their query answered.

For periods of high call volumes, or to improve the overall efficiency of the business, this feature is simply a must-have.

We don’t offer off the shelf solutions but we work with you to create the exact call menu you require with the voiceover and audio file you require, while providing many clever call handling features at the same time.

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