Conference calling

Hold conference calls in virtual meeting rooms and enable callers to participate via a unique PIN access or simply via a dial in. Choose what audio to play while waiting for others callers to join, combine the service with a unique call routing.

Start working with ease with our conference call service. From client meetings, and catch-ups with remote workers, through to virtual interviews, collaborative working is growing in popularity throughout the world. As part of your hosted service, you can create virtual meeting rooms instantly. There’s no need to worry about setting up or downloading hardware prior to meetings, playing around with extra cables or incompatible software. Our conference call service is easy to pick up and play with without the need for prior technical knowledge. With fully manageable dial-in access controls, user permissions and audio greeting capabilities, this feature really opens up the accessibility to conference calling whether you are a large corporation or growing SME. We can provide you with many international numbering dialing in options so callers can dial in using a telephone number that works from their specific country and/or network. For example, 3 different callers can dial in from 3 separate countries by each using a unique telephone number that works from wherever there may be. No need to use the service while ‘online’ or from a PC.

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